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 In politics, as in all things, money matters. Both corporations and individuals may make contributions. Employees of 501(c)3 charitable organizations may also make a personal contribution. Additionally, any resident and/or family members who are interested in supporting LALA's advocacy efforts on their behalf, may make a donation. A LALAPAC Fund contribution is one way residents and families can participate in advocacy.

The Louisiana Assisted Living PAC is a political action committee, under the laws of the state of Louisiana. LALAPAC Committee will make contributions to political candidates seeking state and local office, political organizations, and to political parties who have demonstrated their commitment to these principles. Federal election law requires member companies to give prior authorization before LALAPAC can communicate with their employees.

LALA PAC exists to support the Louisiana Assisted Living Associations grassroots advocacy and to support legislators and office holders who support Assisted Living and recognize the value of the services you provide to elderly Louisianians .The LALA PAC supports both Republicans and Democrats. Your voluntary contribution will make a difference!

LALAPAC is governed by our Board of Directors and the Committee Chair, who is our Boards Ex-Officio President and appointed by the Board of Directors.This committee works to raise funds for the LALAPAC and works hand-in-hand with LALA's Public Policy committee, comprised of Board Members, in targeting and approving all contributions made to elected officials.  This decision is based upon a past record of support for the Louisiana Assisted Living Association and of LALA's issues.


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