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Coronavirus stories are dominating the news, leaving senior living providers with many questions. The resources below offer guidance to communities on how to prepare for and prevent the spread of the virus. As the situation is rapidly changing, it is recommended that you always follow any guidance or instructions from health care providers, local or state health departments, state regulatory agencies, and your organization’s policies and procedures.

In this challenging time, it is imperative that businesses and consumers are guided by facts, not fear. Thank you for everything you’re doing to address the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. Find additional resources, toolkits, checklists, templates, webinar access, action Items, communications, etc.. HERE


Welcome to LALA Online!             

 Welcome to our online community. Thank you for exploring our site! This online space was created as a resource to the general public, as well as providers, partners, residents, and families.  You have found a place to get answers and details on senior living information at both a local and national level.  

 We invite you to discover your passion, and join us! Become an active advocate regarding issues that affect your life and the lives of seniors across our state. Participate in important discussions, collaborate on projects, share your ideas and expertise – Most importantly, "plug in" !

Stand with us in Creating the Future of Senior Living !


About "LALA"

 Since its founding in 1999, "LALA" 's primary purpose has been to promote the concept of assisted/senior living communities, to educate the public in its awareness about senior living, and to participate in and promote high standards for senior living programs. Since that time, LALA  has expanded and grown to become the primary voice for Senior Living Communities and the population served across this state.  LALA Membership is open to: 

Providers• Provider Membership includes for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that own, operate, manage and/or develop  Senior Living Communities.

                   Provisional Provider Members are provider members who currently a senior living community under development  and qualify for membership under specific year of development terms and member dues discount.

•Industry Partners•Industry Partner Membership includes company organizations and businesses who offer quality programs and services and sustain generous support to our association programs. Industry Partners do not own/operate/manage senior living community or long term care facility.

•Supporting Partners• Individual Memberships are persons or legal entities that are not associated with any company that owns/develops/manages long-term care or senior living facilities, nor do they qualify as an industry partner member.  Supporting partner members are strong advocates for senior living and are among the thousands of residents, families, and students who exercise their right of choice and in doing so, stand with LALA to Claim and Create each tomorrow. learn more here • register online here

The members of "LALA" shall consist of persons who are interested in the purposes for which the association is organized, and who apply and qualify for membership in accordance with procedures and qualifications established by the bylaws and the Board of Directors of the corporation.


Our Mission, Core Values and Vision

Our mission and core values represent what we stand for as an organization and are the hallmark of our culture. These words speak directly to our members, and indirectly to improve the lives of residents, families, and others aligned with our position.

LALA is a nonprofit trade association, created in 1999 for senior living providers, and associated industry professionals.

OUR MISSION: By engaging a caring, diverse, dedicated membership, we seek to champion excellence in growth, core values, quality partnerships, and a unified stance

Our core values







  Our success begins with membership. Through our core values, we reflect a group dedicated to: "CREATE"ing opportunity, Connecting leaders, Respecting diverse viewpoints, Educating ourselves and others, Advocating on issues related to senor living, Striving to act in a manner that builds Trustworthiness, Engaging in a manner that requires not only the process but also the action of building, nurturing, and managing relationships.



LALA  is a state partner of Argentum . As a state partner, we  work with Argentum on national issues impacting your senior living industry and follow their lead with the federal government. Argentum supports LALA and provides updates on developments in other states and in Washington, DC.

Argentum and LALA advocate for policies that support and promote choice, dignity, independence, and quality of life for seniors. To support this mission, Argentum influences public policy, promotes business excellence, and ensures an informed public. Argentum works with state partners, legislators, regulators and advocacy groups to ensure our efforts support meaningful and appropriate oversight of senior living in each state.  

For more information on Argentum, visit

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